GSA rendering

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buildingThe Good Shepherd Academy compound is designed by MSAADA Architects, a non-profit architectural firm with offices in the US, Africa, India, and Haiti. With over 30 years’ experience, MSAADA and founding architect Poul Bertelsen have completed over 750 schools, hospitals, and churches in developing nations. MSAADA’S unique experience and proven track record make them the ideal choice to design, construct, and supervise the construction of Good Shepherd Academy.

GSA is designed as a traditional campus, with courtyards in the academic building and three student dormitories. Construction is typical of the area consisting of masonry buildings with pre-painted metal roofs. The academic building and three dormitories anchor the complex and define the campus as divided into teaching and student boarding areas, with separate areas for faculty housing and vehicle storage/service. A separate dining/assembly hall, administrative wing, and health center round out the campus proper. The Health Center will serve both the school and the local community.

classroom and dormCare was taken to maximize passive cooling and natural lighting. The academic buildings and dormitories are typically one room deep with covered verandahs and balconies for circulation. Courtyards provide secure natural gathering areas for students and faculty.

Sustainable organic chicken, fish, pig, and vegetable farms will be one of the means of self-sufficiency integral to the GSA community. They will also have an important educational value. Self-sufficiency in terms of energy is also a goal of GSA, as photovoltaic and solar hot water panels will provide a significant portion of the energy requirements for the facility.

GSA will be built in four phases, color coded in the rendering above. Dark blue – Phase I, medium blue – Phase II, light blue – Phase III, lightest blue – Phase IV, Shadow – Possible future construction

Phase I is complete with school opening in September 2016 with 2 grades. When all 4 Phases are completed, the school campus will include:

  • Boys’ and Girls’ Dormitories
  • Administration Building
  • 12 Classrooms
  • 3 Science  Labs – Chemistry, Biology and Food & Nutrition
  • Music/Art Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Library/Media Center
  • Refectory & Multi-Purpose Hall/Kitchen
  • Health Center
  • 2 Faculty Housing Duplexes
  • Clock/Water Tower
  • Vehicle Garage and Service Building
  • Chicken, Fish and Vegetable Farms
  • Soccer Pitch
  • Guard House and Security Fence