Comfort MussaComfort Mussa

Board of Governors
Multi-award Winning Journalist
CBM Field Communications Coordinator for West/Central Africa
Founder, Sisterspeak237; Radio Host

Comfort Mussa is a prolific journalist, radio host, blogger and multi-award-winning journalist with a keen eye for stories that expose social injustice.
Comfort serves as CBM Field Communications Coordinator for West/Central Africa, based at the CBM Country Office in Cameroon. An international development organization, CBM is committed to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world. CBM addresses poverty as both a cause and a consequence of disability and works in partnership to create an inclusive society for all.

For a decade, Comfort has worked as a reporter, facilitator and strategist on diverse women’s rights, social justice and health issues. Her works have featured prominently on international and local platforms like Radio France International, Global Press Institute, the Media Project among others. As a consultant, she has produced communication packages for several NGOs including ACMS and HEIFER International.

To further amplify the voices of women and minority groups in Cameroon, she founded the platform Sisterspeak237, a highly acclaimed and widely read site. To improve the coverage of disabilities and women’s issues in Cameroon, Comfort started the National Story Telling Competition. The goal is to challenge student journalists and journalists across Cameroon to find and tell stories about women and also about disabilities. The initiative also provides mentorship on reporting and mainstreaming disability in the media for the contest winners.

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