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The mission of Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation is to promote access to education in Cameroon that prepares students to build lives of economic and environmental sustainability. The first project of GSSL Foundation is to build Good Shepherd Academy in Bafut, Cameroon; to educate students through a process of sustainable learning; and to provide free tuition to orphans of the AIDS pandemic.

At the dawn of the new millennium, Sister Jane Mankaa of Cameroon, West Africa boarded a plane for America with a vision and $25 in her pocket. She had seen too many children orphaned by the AIDS pandemic left to die on the streets. After two transformative years in the United States, Sister Jane returned to Cameroon to found Good Shepherd Home for Children.

Ten years later, Good Shepherd Home is a Registered Orphanage in the Republic of Cameroon, caring for 150 children in two separate homes. Children of the Good Shepherd Homes are sheltered, fed, clothed, and most importantly, loved. Their medical needs are covered and they are sent to school with all fees paid.

But, even with fees paid, each school day for these children involves…
•    walking 10 miles to and from school
•    fearing kidnap or rape along the way
•    getting soaked to the bone during the rainy season
•    crowding into a classroom with 100 other children
•    standing all day due to a lack of desks
•    being hungry because there is no lunch

Their Dream…

•    living in a residential bi-lingual secondary school for 900 children
•    being safe in a secure, instructive, loving environment
•    learning traditional academic subjects as well as sustainable organic agriculture
•    feeling full physically and spiritually
•    believing they have a bright future helped by…


Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation

  • Educating Cameroonian students for a changing world
  • Building lives of economic and environmental sustainability
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty by blending educational and food security missions
  • Protecting AIDS orphans and all children from exploitation, including human trafficking
  • Promoting gender equality.

Sustainable Learning

Sustainable Learning provides students with the tools to acquire the creative, innovative, and intellectual skills to build healthy lives, communities, and environments.